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Even if you buy the best and branded baby stroller, a recall can happen any time, as these are part and parcel of life! Something similar happened with Belecoo baby strollers which were recalled on Thursday, July 2, 2020. 

The CPCS ordered a recall for the strollers based on the safety issues the strollers possess. Here in this article, you will find more information on what model is recalled, and what to do if you have purchased the particular model.

What is the Belecoo Stroller?

 Belecoo is a popular stroller manufacturer and reseller. The strollers made by the brand are beautiful and kid-friendly. Furthermore, thousands of parents trust Belecoo when it comes to buying baby carriers due to the quality and service the brand offers.

But one of its baby strollers got recalled due to safety reasons. The recalled model includes Belecoo 535-S convertible baby stroller (color: gray, pink, khaki and black).

This is a convertible stroller that transforms into a bassinet so it can be used both ways. These strollers were sold on for around $200.

Recalled: Belecoo Baby Strollers Recalled (Model# 535-S)

Belecoo Stroller Recall Details

The reason the convertible baby stroller got recalled is the huge space between the seat bottom and the tray. The child can pass his/her head through space, and it can result in injuries caused due to entrapment and strangulation.

Moreover, there is a large opening between the crotch restraint and seat bottom that possess falling hazards to the children that can be life-threatening in some situations.

No cases of injuries and death have been reported so far, but the parents who had purchased this stroller model should discontinue using it straight away and follow the procedure to contact the manufacturer for a solution.

What to do if you purchased a Belecoo Stroller

If you have a Belecoo 535-S convertible baby stroller, then stop using it any further. The stroller isn’t safe for the baby, and the consequences can be severe if you keep using it after the recall. 

As per CPCS, the owners of the stroller will get a complete refund including the original shipping cost and the taxes. To get the refund, you have to contact the manufacturer.

How to get the refund?

You can contact A Better You! At their email at or call the team directly at (800) 715-7302.

A Better You! will provide you with the complete details about where to ship the stroller and how the refund process will work. There is no other source you can contact in this case, so contact the manufacturer as soon as possible to get a solution against the recalled stroller.

Things You Should Never Do with a Recalled Stroller 

A recalled stroller isn’t safe to use as it violates the federal Carriages and Strollers standards. Here are a few things you should never do to the stroller.

Don’t use it

Even if you use the stroller with ultimate safety, incidents can happen, which can be fatal for the baby. So please put it in your garage or store until you get a solution from the manufacturer.

Don’t throw it

So the stroller has worn out, and you are planning to throw it away? Don’t do that as someone else can use it! You should only follow the solution provided by the manufacturer in case of a recall.

Don’t contact the seller.

The stroller was exclusively sold on but in this case, contacting the seller won’t help. Get in touch with A Better You! to get a refund for the stroller.


Don’t wait for any incidents to happen and contact the manufacturer immediately to return the unsafe stroller. The firm is contacting the sellers, but if you haven’t registered the stroller, maybe you can get missed.

Email or call the team with full details of the stroller with the original purchase receipt. You will receive a complete refund including the shipping charges, and taxes you have paid to purchase the stroller.

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