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Is the new Ergobaby Aerloom so comfortable to wear and breathable in the summer? How long can you carry a baby in the Aerloom? Is it easy to use and configure? And most of all: Is this limited edition support worth the price?

My review of the Ergobaby Aerloom answers these questions and more!

As a parent, having your child around is the most normal thing in the world. Babysitters came to help us build a strong bond with our babies, carrying them everywhere we went and even breastfeeding them.

The Ergobaby Carrier Ergobaby Aerloom Carrier is a very interesting new baby carrier for newborns. Although lighter than other backpacks, it is an excellent choice thanks to its innovative material and premium features. Beginners may find it difficult to use at first, but with the detailed instructions, you will get used to it.

Let’s see if the new Aerloom Ergobaby Carrier is worth it.

First of all, I should mention that the Ergobaby Aerloom is a limited edition, which means that there are a few baby carriers available in each color. If the color is sold out, it is not for sale anymore! The only exception is the black version, which can be charged in the future. If you like this backpack, don’t wait any longer and order it while it’s still available! > Bring your Aerlum here.

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ErgobabyBalloon Test report

Designed for babies from 0 to 3 years, the Ergobaby Aerloom impresses with its ergonomic design. The trunk is perfect for parents on the go, and every detail seems to have been chosen for maximum comfort. It offers a custom fit for you and your child, is supportive and comfortable to wear.

Ergobaby Aerloom: advice

Innovative dust

Breathability is a common concern in preschools. With the Ergobaby Carrier Aerloom, you no longer have to worry about perspiration.

This loop holder is made of innovative FormaKnit™1 fabric, making it lightweight and allowing air to circulate. Seamless knit mesh inserts are integrated into the straps, so you’ll never feel hot when wearing them.

This type of fabric also offers a perfect fit: it cuddles your baby, holds him firmly in place and gives him the support he needs.

Interestingly, this knit is made of 87% recycled polyester + 13% nylon. This makes Aerloom an excellent choice for thrifty parents! There is also a 100% cotton lining that has been awarded the highest safety rating (OEKO-TEX Standard 100).

The Aerloom Diaper Holder is easy to clean in case of spills or blown diapers because it is machine washable. Ergobaby recommends putting it in a delicate bag and washing it at 30°C.

Aerloom is made of breathable knit fabric, making it very lightweight (weighs less than 1.5 pounds).

Ergobaby Aerloom Carrier (Detailed Review)

You’ll love that the Ergobaby backpack isn’t bulky when you carry it around, it’s lighter and less structured than other Ergobaby backpacks.

This display doesn’t weigh much – in fact, it’s one of the lightest products of its kind on the market. If you choose an Ergobaby Carrier, you will never complain about back pain and you will certainly appreciate that it stretches enough to make you comfortable.

If you are looking for a light and thin but very strong clasp, I also recommend this Ergobaby Carrier Embrace. It is a fantastic and inexpensive option for future nannies. The lightweight fabric prevents you from sweating and doesn’t weigh down your shoulders. If you want to know more, here’s my report.

Parental comfort and accommodation

The Aerloom has curved straps with soft padding – nothing sinks into your skin. They are not as thick as the straps on the Ergobaby Omni 360 or Adapt. I really think these thin straps are better because they don’t make you sweat and don’t stand out. Even if you’re small, these belts fit you better and won’t fall off your shoulders.

What sets this carrier apart is its excellent lumbar support, another feature that contributes to its user-friendliness. There are large lumbar supports for the lower back. The Aerloom also has a wide belt with generous padding. Both help to distribute the baby’s weight throughout the body. It prevents back pain and does not strain the pelvic area.

Whichever transport position you choose, you will find it ergonomic and easily adjustable. There are 5 adjustment options – and while it may seem a little difficult to adjust these straps while carrying your baby, you’ll quickly get used to them once you get a good understanding.

You can adjust the strap on both sides, tighten the back strap, and adjust the shoulder straps (the adjustment is actually under the armpit).

Here you can see the adjustment options on the Aerloom (on the hip belt, shoulder straps and back). This luggage rack has a handy storage bag in the back.

The Aerloom Baby Carrier is light but durable, easy to use and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. According to the parents, the backrest is excellent and you don’t feel the straps cutting into the skin.

For mothers, the Ergobaby Aerloom is an excellent choice because it allows them to breastfeed while giving birth.

The zippered pocket is an interesting feature that can come in handy when you’re on the go. I wish it was on the front of the board, but it’s not a crowbar. It’s always good to have a bag for small valuables.

Is the Ergobaby Aerloom suitable for grandparents?

What I love about all the Ergobaby carriers is that they fit parents who are taller. The Aerloom also has long straps and fits moms and dads easily. The belt is adjustable from 17 to 53. The shoulder strap buckles can be extended from 25.7 to 50.6 inches.

Portable positions

Ergobaby Aerloom holds baby in the frog position with M-shaped legs.

The Ergobaby Carrier is suitable from birth and requires a minimum weight of 7 pounds and a minimum height of 20 inches. It can be used up to the age of 3 years or 35 pounds.

Depending on the age of the baby, the parents can use three modes of carrying: forward facing, inward facing, outward facing and backward facing. Detailed operating instructions can be found on the manufacturer’s website – there you will find detailed instructions on how to prevent the risks of falling and suffocation.

The inside carry mode is suitable for newborns, while the front and back carry modes are recommended for older babies who can hold their head upright.

Note that carrier experts recommend carrying your baby outside only for a shorter period of time to avoid over-stimulation.

Although I don’t like to carry my baby outside, I’m glad Ergobaby makes this position comfortable and ergonomic for baby! It does not put pressure on the baby’s crotch or hips and provides adequate support for the legs, buttocks and back.

In all positions, the child’s legs are well supported and do not dangle.

Aerloom allows you to carry your baby front and back without putting pressure on the crotch, legs or back.

Ergonomics and safety

All Ergobaby carriers are approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a healthy hip product2.

The Aerloom has just been released, so we don’t know yet if it will be recognized as hip-friendly, but I’m sure it will be because it helps baby maintain the most natural position (frog position) – safe for the hips.

When you place your baby in the Ergobaby Aerloom, you will notice that his or her legs are in the M position, regardless of the carrying method. The baby carrier supports the baby’s hips well – from knee to knee – and keeps the baby’s knees higher than the ankles.

This does not force the child to stand up. On the contrary, it supports the baby in a natural position of the spine.

Aerloom is an excellent ergonomic baby carrier for back health.

In Germany, the AGR has also awarded this seal of quality. Aerloom has been praised for its design that respects the baby’s back and the parents.

Environmental performance

You may also be interested to know that Aerloom is an environmentally friendly product that guarantees a lower carbon footprint. Made from recycled polyester yarn and lined with 100% cotton, it’s an eco-friendly choice. No harmful materials are used in the manufacture of this aid.

It is now available in 5 color variations, each color is offered in a limited selection (choose your favorite color here). Please note that this is a limited edition support – once the color goes on sale, it will not be recharged!

Ergobaby Aerloom – made of lightweight and breathable fabric

Is this your child’s carrier?

You will fall in love with this backpack the first time you use it. From eco-friendly mesh to enhanced breathability, you’ll find Ergobaby has the right baby carrier for you. Parents who have reviewed the Ergobaby Aerloom baby carrier are very pleased with its features. They found the baby carrier easy to put on, soft, cuddly and light.

Reasons to buy an Aerloom

There are many reasons to buy the Aerloom: innovative material, multiple transport positions, ergonomic and safe design and easy handling. After a few practices, you will find that it is easy to adjust the straps and back, so your child can benefit from a good fit as well. Your baby will be as comfortable as a bug in a rug, and you’ll enjoy taking her hands free wherever you go.

Compared to other baby carriers, the Ergobaby carrier has thinner straps that do not stick out or fall off your shoulder. They are also easy to adjust to all sizes and body types – many parents reported sharing a sling with other caregivers. The zippered pouch was very popular because it allows parents to carry important items such as their phones or credit cards.

Ergobaby Aerloom is a new lightweight, ergonomic baby carrier that fits on baby’s hips.

All in all, it is an excellent support for daily use that offers comprehensive help, especially when compared to other similar products. The user-friendly design makes it an excellent product for wrappers and carriers, and the lightweight construction shows that the Aerloom is an excellent choice for parents with active lifestyles. Unlike other structured media, it is not bulky or difficult to transport.

Parents of bigger kids said they had to extend the waistband almost all the way to the end, but it fit them and there was no excess to bother them (by the way, if you’re looking for a backpack for bigger kids, check out the Ergobaby Omni 360 and other great backpacks for bigger parents).

Ergobaby has succeeded in developing a light, comfortable and breathable baby carrier. The design is unique, as is the choice of fabrics, and the products are taken to the next level in terms of clothing for newborns. Aerloom differs from other Ergobaby carriers due to its innovative and breathable material.

Why Aerlum is not a good choice for you

Of course, you have to wonder if there’s something wrong with that backpack. Now, there may be a few things worth mentioning, but keep in mind that they relate to each individual experience.

Some parents have said that the ziplock bag is not that easy to get, but I don’t think it’s a real problem. It’s always nice to have a storage bag that many other backpacks lack.

It has been said that the bracket is quite bulky when not in use, or that it can be difficult to follow the installation instructions. For example, some parents had difficulty adjusting the tether, while others had difficulty fully tying the tether and needed help from their partner. Overall, there should be no problems with Aerloom once you get through the learning curve.

In addition, the headrest cannot reach the average head height of all babies, so the parent must support the baby’s head. There is no headgear, which can be an inconvenience.

Is this backpack worth it? I think it is. I recommend that you consult the Ergobaby Aerloom notices (see here) which list all the features of this product. Either way, I’m sure you’ll love this backpack! It allows you and your child to enjoy the beauty of wearing and cuddling all the time!

PRO TIP : If you like this backpack, you should order it soon because Aerloom is a limited edition and once it sells out, it’s not available anymore!

If this baby carrier doesn’t meet your needs, check out these great healthy hip carriers (the best choice in 2021).

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