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The situation when a recall happens can be very crucial, and most parents fail to respond to this. Knowing that you have a dangerous baby stroller can come out as a shock, and it’s natural to get baffled and grappled with a lot of questions.

But what to do is the baby stroller you enjoy using gets recalled? The same happened with Costway baby strollers which were recalled due to safety reasons.

Here in this article, you will find the information about why the strollers were recalled, what models were recalled, and what to do if you own any of the models recalled by the brand.

What is the Costway Baby Stroller?

Costway offers a range of beautiful baby strollers that let you travel with the little one with ease. These strollers are available in single, double, jogging other such styles that you can buy depending on your requirements.

Moreover, the brand offers strollers for every budget that makes it the first choice of hundreds of parents that are looking for a good stroller.

Costway Baby Stroller Recall Details

On 25th June 2020, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a notice for the recall of the dangerous stroller comprising three models manufactured and sold by Costway.

The strollers were found violating the federal standard for strollers and carriage as per the CPSC. The recall included three models, approximately 16,000 double and single strollers.

The reason why the authorities instructed to recall the strollers

Every stroller and other such products related to the kids should comply with the federal standard for strollers and carriage. These standards ensure that the baby carrier is safe and it will possess any harm to the rider in any case.

But the recalled models from Costwat didn’t comply with these standards. The authorities found out that the child’s head can get trapped or strangulated as there’s enough space between the seat bottom and the tray.

This can be dangerous for the child and can even lead to death in some cases, but no such cases are reported so far.

Furthermore, there’s a huge space between the restraint and seat bottom due to the poor location of the crotch restraint, which can lead to the events when the child can fall off the stroller.

What models come under the recall?

These are three double stroller models that are recalled by CPSC.

  • Model: BB4690, Color: Gray, Product: Face to face double stroller
  • Model: BB4476, Color: Red, Black, Gray, Product: Infant double stroller
  • Model: BB4613, Color: Black, Product: Infant double stroller

What to do if you purchased a Costway Baby Stroller?

If you have any of the above-listed Costway stroller models, then stop using it straight away! CPSC advises the parents to do the following in the conditions if you have purchased a recalled stroller. 

You can return the stroller to claim the refund or the gift card the manufacturer offers in return to the recalled product. You can contact Costway by dialing a toll-free number: 844) 242-1885 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Or you can drop a mail describing your product with the valid purchase slip. If you have registered the stroller, then Costway may contact you directly to recall the stroller and to explain about the further process.

Things You Should Avoid Doing with a Recalled Stroller 

In the event when a stroller is recalled, you should act like a responsible parent and citizen. Don’t donate or throw away the stroller just because it is not safe for the baby. Anyone finding the stroller can use it, and it may harm their baby, which isn’t a good thing either.

The only thing you should do is contact the manufacturer or follow the guidelines released by CPSC. If you have a Costway stroller that’s been recalled, then get in touch with the manufacturer for a solution. 

Final Thoughts 

If the stroller model you have falls in the list of recalled strollers, then drop the idea of using it. You can visit Costway’s official website or contacting the manufacturer directly will be the best thing to do.

Your child’s safety is paramount, and that’s why CPSC issues orders to recall strollers and baby carriers that aren’t safe to use.

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